Get Started
  1. Principle of operation:

    — Players deposit skins in a round.
    — When the number of required deposited skins is reached, a winner will be picked based on the number of tickets his deposit worth and will be awarded all the skins in the pot!
    — For every $0.01 a player will get 1 ticket, so a higher number of tickets means a better chance of winning!
How To Play?
  1. You should login with your Steam account.
  2. Set your trade link in the settings.
  3. After this you can start to deposit.
  4. Once the item threshold of 100 items is reached, the winner will be announced.
  5. If you won, you will receive all the items in the pot and you will receive a tradeoffer very soon.
What you can deposit
  1. Only CS:GO items from your Steam CS:GO inventory.
  2. You can place a total of 15 items in a deposit.
  3. Your deposit value must be at least $0.2
Terms of Service
  1. Definitions

    The following terms shall have the following meaning:
    — "Games" means the games available on the Website;
    — The "Website" is the Internet gateway, accessible through the Internet address, where all current and relevant information regarding and the Games is published;
    — "Player" is the individual having a contractual relationship with our Website; — "Steam" shall refer to the online service offered by Valve Corporation;
    — "Steam Account" shall refer to the account on Steam;
    — "Items" shall refer to the virtual items held on a Steam Account.
  2. General

    — The following Terms and Conditions apply to our website ( (the "Website").
    — We reserve the right to add and remove Games from the Website at our own discretion.
  3. Your Obligations as a Player

    — You hereby declare and warrant that:
    — — you are 18 years of age or more;
    — — you are not accessing the Website from jurisdictions from which it is illegal to do so;
    — — all information you provide to us is true, complete, correct, and you shall immediately notify us of any change;
    — — you understand that by participating in the Games you take the risk of losing of skin;
  4. Chat Facility Rules

    — As part of your use of this Website, we provide you with the facility of live chat, you will not:
    — — Use abusive or offensive language;
    — — Spam or repeatedly send the same message;
    — — Ask for Items or Credit;
    — — Post links or advertise;
    — — Post affiliate codes;
    — — Avoid message filters;
    — — Start giveaways that do not end with a winner.
  5. Breaches, Penalties, and Termination

    — If you breach any provision of these Terms and Conditions or we have reasonable grounds to suspect that you have breached them, we reserve the right to limit, suspend, reset, or close your Account.